Brick & Bower is honored to collaborate with some very talented local artisans.



Hello, My name is Cherlyn and I am the Owner of Brick & Bower in West Linn, OR. I live on a small hobby farm with my husband and son. I enjoy creating beautiful, all natural products for others to enjoy. Our focus is on sustainability and collaborating with local artisans.

Thank you for shopping local! 




My name is Vanessa and I am the founder of A Branch & Cord in Wilsonville, OR.

Aside from a maker, I am a wife and a mama to three kids and a stepmama to two big kids. 



Candles make us Happy! Our Happy Candle company is passionate about helping you turn your home into a unique retreat with the soothing glow and gentle scent of pure and clean burning soy candles. The end result...happiness. Our candles are crafted in our studio in Oregon. 



Mountain Mommas’ Bath & Body sources many of our ingredients locally from our farming community.  Our goal is to create high quality, handcrafted soapy products that you can be proud to give as a gift, display in your home, and feel safe using on your skin.  




Hey Ya'll! My name is Averie and I am the owner, photographer, media manager, creator of Larkspur. I originally started making clay earrings as a hobby but realized others may want them as well. I want ladies to feel their most confident and beautiful selves when wearing my products.